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 About Wulong River Wulong River tourist zone is located on Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway Yunxi export 18 kilometers, is the country's most new 4A level traveling scenic spot, is approved by the state-level scenic areas, national natural forest protection area. Scenic rivers Wulong River, full-length 58 kilometers, originated in the south of Qinling Mountains Lake ridge. The whole river, all the year round fast-flowing, clear water, water stability, is the famous " July 7th" an important tributary of the Milky way upstream.

Wulong River due to birth in Taoist legend" Wulong holding holy" Wulong named. It is because of Wulong and auspicious, as immortal fame, because the hominoid and sacred, because the scenery and simple and elegant. The valley is deep, river water is clear, the beautiful mountains, Wulong reputation, mystical aura, a feel fresh, as the acme of perfection. Is fully deserve the leisure vacation, scientific expedition, painting, photography, poetry writing Tao regimen, recover one's original simplicity of an earthly paradise, known as "China's small Jiuzhai" and" natural oxygen bar" laudatory name.

Wulong River scenic area is not only mysterious beautiful natural landscape, rich cultural background and long. Hominoid skull fossil" Yunxi people", its site in the Wulong River Dongpo Shenwu Ridge Development in. Their life time, than the world famous Beijing ape man 400000 years earlier, only found in China is the earliest Yunnan people in Yuanmou. While the history and culture of Wulong holding holy war, the death of Wen Zhong, the myth of Zhuang, asked, mountain Sihao, Weaver descend to the world of legend, the more the Wulong River added a mysterious misty cultural background.Wulong River scenic area is composed of" Wulong valley of Taoism health recreation area"," Shenwu ridge get to ask the progenitor of area"," Wulong River to experience the passion drift region"," three Guan Dong camping Safari area" consists of four plates. The center view is the outstanding group of Hubei is currently a project has been the development of" Wulong Valley built immortal health leisure area". The scenic area by Qifeng show ridge around the" 1000 Lake hundred waterfalls, grain three hole, and a temple" and other major attractions are strung together. Current, area two period three period is stepping up its construction, at the appointed time, Wulong River scenic area will be more colorful and beautiful landscape and comprehensive support services presented to you

Wulong River scenic area is rich in natural resources, known as the" Qinling Mountains of animal and plant gene bank". According to not complete investigation, whole area total plant of 1745 types, which has more than 400 kinds of rare and valuable Chinese herbal medicines is; has more than 100 kinds of animals, including giant salamander, golden pheasant bird is the national level protected animals; rich in mineral resources, the marble quality, scale both in China and abroad. Now, the Yunxi government of county Party committee in support of national South-to-North Water Diversion Project, is to strengthen the protection of forest resources and water resources, decided to use the big eyes, big, big tourism to drive area economy to span type develops greatly, thereby realizing the protection development and sustainable development

news & events 12.05.2011 Wulong River scenic area is seleted" witty ten Hubei tourism business card" list of candidates.
Recently, from the" beautiful Hubei ten tourism business card named" organizers from the good news
 23.08.2010 Hundred couple swim Wulong River weaver to total hanging" concentric lock"
The afternoon of August 16th, 113 to participate in the festival 's new hand to Wulong River scenic area, a total of the vows of love.
 18.06.2010 Yunxi Wulong River Tourist Zone named " youth favorite in West Hubei area 20 strong". " China Telecom Tianyi Cup 2010 youth favorite in West Hubei Tourism" the first round selection result is announced, Shennongjia tourism scenic area top 20.